Boracay Accommodation - Packages

There are many choices or Boracay hotels to choose from. Boracay accommodations and packages vary depending on the hotel names, features and amenities. Also, prices for those Boracay hotels and accommodations ranges from cheap or affordable up to those luxurious and quite expensive.

Boracay Accomodation
Below are some of the Boracay hotels or Boracay accomodations that are posted and reviewed on this blog.

Seraph Hotel Boracay Philippines

357 Boracay Resort Hotels

Discovery Shores Boracay

Nigi Nigi Boracay Hotels

Regency Boracay Hotel

Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel

Seawind Hotel Boracay

Fridays Hotel Boracay

Waling Waling Boracay Hotel

Hope the above listed Boracay accommodations and hotels can help you out in choosing the best Boracay hotel that suits your needs and most of all, can be covered by your budget.

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