Jony’s Beach Resort Boracay

One of the best three star Boracay hotels is the Jony's Beach Resort-Boracay. It is one of many most suggested resort lodges at Boracay. A large portion of tourists who have stayed there said it was an excellent resort to stay in.

There are various hotel destinations that can be attractive to many tourist but most of the majority of the different personalities and who frequently visits the island find satisfaction at the Jony’s. The resort hotel is located at the Pier Station one (1) in Boracay. However, it truly is positioned really closed to the Pier Station two (2).  So mainly you will have the best of both of zones. One downside to this said place would be the continual party noise you will have at night but if you are a party person this place is the best for you.

The rooms in Jony's Beach Resort are fairly top notch in comparison to the ordinary resorts you can rent at the Boracay Island. In fact, the quality of the rooms makes quite an impression for everyone. Standard home features include cold and hot baths, cable television, mini bar, air conditioning, and access to Wi-Fi internet.

You will find three (3) types of rooms while in this resort hotel - the Superior Deluxe, Superior and Deluxe. Every one of the resort room have enough space for two (2) travelers and there are rooms there which can accommodate approximately more visitors.

Everybody knows Boracay is a love island and by partying at night. Who knows? You will meet your ‘true north’ in this paradise. Come now and experience the many wonders of Boracay!

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