Cheap Boracay Hotels

Thinking of going to the paradise island of Boracay on a budget? You have landed on the right webpage. Today, finding a cheap Boracay hotels and packages is possible. Through the following tips and information, your dream Boracay vacation is at the tips of your fingers.

How to find a cheap Boracay Hotel

There are many ways and tips on finding a cheap Boracay hotel. To help you started, here are the easy tips to help you book a hotel according to your budget and  to make your first time Boracay trip successful.

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Boracay Discount Hotels and Promos. There are many beautiful and expensive hotels offering discounts on their first time customer like you.  There are famous hotels like Boracay Regency Beach Resort, Ambassador in Paradise, Regency Lagoon Resort and many more. They give big discounts to new customers and to the frequent customers too. There are also promos and coupons available. In fact, there are different kinds of promos they are promoting throughout the year.

Off Peak Season Promo. Hotels are cheaper during the off peak season in the beautiful island of Boracay. The months of June to December are considered as their off peak season. They give huge amount of discounts and promotional giveaways to lure many visitors to visit Boracay. It will save you large amount on your budget.

Vacation Package Deal. Each Boracay hotel offers different vacation package deal which includes tour in the island, accommodations and foods. This kind of vacation package comes with a lot of freebies. Free airport roundtrip transfer to and from the hotel, welcome drinks, spa and other promos. Some hotels provide foods in buffet too. To make sure you got the best deal, it is best that you inquire each Boracay hotel about their promotional discounts and packages.

Hotel Reviews. There are many Boracay hotel reviews available in the internet. These provide useful information about the accommodation and services. Some are reviews made by travelers who actually went there. The accounts of experience Boracay travelers are the good guides and tips on making your Boracay vacation worthwhile. There in the review sites are cheap Boracay hotel recommendations are included.

Boracay is located in the south of the Philippines. It is the popular destination for local and foreign travelers who wants to have their leisure vacation. The place is extraordinary, a paradise where you can have the fun all day and all night. You will never run out of activities.

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  2. By Cagayan de Oro whitewater rafting on June 21, 2011 at 7:39 PM

    The world-famous island of Boracay. I come here very often. I just love the night life here and meet different races.

  3. By Mekong Tours on June 23, 2011 at 1:42 AM

    I can no longer remember how many times I have been to Boracay. I just love the place and the Filipina's are stunning yet mysteriously charming. Who would never want to go back?

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    Ive heard so many good things about boracay because most of my friend already been there. Hmm looks great there maybe i should try it too.

  5. By philippines classified ads on October 21, 2011 at 5:19 AM

    if you will be visiting Boracay and dont want to pay a lot there are some vacation packages specially during off peak season where you can save.