Turtle Inn Resort Boracay

I guess you have a vivid thought of scuba diving, snorkeling, wind surfing, kite boarding, freesbies, and anything under the sun that spells the fun, vacation, and relaxation.  Hop in! You will never regret once you decide for a white powder beaches and crystal blue water.

The Turtle Inn Resort Boracay will take care of you from the moment that you arrive.  The service is excellent and they offer you an exclusive shuttle transfer from the airport and straight to the hotel!

I’ve been in Boracay twice a month and needless to say, if you’re looking for a convenient, friendly and helpful atmosphere, the Turtle Inn Resort Boracay is the best place where you can experience a very personalized yet professional, friendly accommodations of the crew and staff, and even the owner itself involve to assist you in so many ways. Even arranging your travel activities while you are there, the owner and the hotel crew will gladly to assist you.

The Turtle Inn Resort Boracay is located at the station 3 in Ambulong, Boracay. This resort gives you the impression of a “home-away from home” atmosphere and a modern-Florida inspired architectural design with a simple white painted facades and glorious balcony.  You will soon realize you’re on a vacation and yet as if you are at home!

Once you’re there ask for a lower unit so you would be able to avoid climbing the stairs. A complimentary fresh mango smoothie and a free breakfast pancake and a 24 hour room service for sure you wouldn’t resist. Speaking of the amenities, this place maintains 15 huge rooms with high ceilings, and bright paints. It matches its cleanliness and spacious aura for your comfort. So what are you waiting for? Try this beautiful Turtle Inn Resort Boracay and you’ll fall for it over and over again!

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